18 Adorable Dog Costumes for Halloween

When people show up with their pets to the Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Parade, all bets are off, and there isn’t an outfit too humilhating for the owner or their dog(s) that’s not worth trying, making and putting on if it guarantees a strong response.

Because these are dogs, eventually, everything looks adorable on them.

Mr. T

An Actual Hot Dog

Cheap Looking Ewok

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Bacon & Eggs

The Mars Rover

Doggy Style Donald Trump

The (Ugly) Little Mermaid

The Monopoly Dog

A Dog Flavored Pumpkin

The Elusive Thanksgiving Turk Dog

As Peach and Toad From Super Mario

A Santa Dog Arriving too Early

The Disturbing 50 Shades of Grey

A Camouflaged Leaf Dog

Wonder Dog & Wonder Woman


E.T. Going Home