This Big Bike Gets Bobba Fett’s Seal of Approval

If Bobba Fett were into custom-made choppers and big bikes, he would definitely approve of this awesome design by Tattoodles. As the creator aptly named it, the “Bobba Bike”  is a BMW motorcycle commonly used for sport racing (or maybe even bounty hunting).

bobba fett bike

bobba fett bike full

At first glance, one would think that this BMW motorcycle has been through hell and back, with its faded paint job and seemingly distressed look. But check it out a little closer and you’ll see that the artist really customized the color to look like the Star Wars bounty hunter’s battle-damaged uniform.

bobba fett bike chassis

bobba fett bike wheel

The chassis parts were airbrushed with realistic 3D details, and custom Bobba Fett logos have also been integrated into the design. On the bike you can see the Mandalorian insignia, originally on the bounty hunter’s chest plate, as well as the Mythosaur skull, which was on the shoulder of the original Bobba Fett uniform.  To top it all off, the Bobba Bike even comes with a matching Bobba Fett-themed motorcycle helmet (sans the antenna) and a Garmin GPS.


How’s that for an intergalactic tribute to one of the most iconic Star Wars characters of all time? Perhaps next time, Tattoodles would consider adding a custom motorcycle cape plus laser guns and rocket launchers to make the bike extra special. Who knows? The owner probably has a complete Bobba Fett suit hiding somewhere in his closet, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Have that costume on and speed away on this Bobba Bike? Now that makes for an awesome Halloween get up!

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Via: Geekologie