Home and Interior TARDIS Trashcan: Recycling Through Time

TARDIS Trashcan: Recycling Through Time

Protecting the universe also means being eco-conscious, and as a part of that, it’s important to recycle and know how to deal with your own trash. That’s what the Doctor would say, right?

Meet the ingenious TARDIS trashcan, a product of the work of everyone at ThinkGeek which retails for $90 USD. It has a pedal opener, and also features lights and sound that activate whenever it’s used to make you feel like the Doctor is paying you a visit.  It looks pretty small, but hey, we can always hope it’s way bigger on the inside.



Source: Geekologie

If you want more Tardis to feature around your house, check out Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe for iPhone and Love Across Time: Tardis Engagement Ring.

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