The Interconnected World of Tech Companies [Infographic]

There really is no field left uncovered on the Web by tech giants. Check the following infographic to learn about the connection between the major tech companies.

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One might think that tech companies work in their own individual bubbles, but in fact there are more connections between them than you think. We hear news very often about how a tech giant acquired a company that is either big or small. The purpose behind the acquisition varies from one case to another. For example, small companies may be acquired by tech giants if it is considered that they have a lot of potential. The greatest tech companies out there have more funds and are able to accelerate the development of the smaller ones.

Another scenario implies Internet companies that simply give up on any hope of having visionary CEOs. For example, Yahoo! announced 3 weeks ago that it sells itself to the highest bidder, after the board of directors sacked CEO Carol Bartz. If any of the other giants out there were interested anymore in acquiring it, probably Yahoo! would have made it on this infographic, too.
As seen in the infographic, it is not unusual for former employees of giant corporations to found other companies that end up being acquired by other giants. Such is the case of Youtube, Digg and Slide, which were all founded by former Paypal employees.

On one hand, the above infographic can be considered a family tree, so many will be left wondering if there is really any competition in the tech world. There are even companies that were founded by former employees of what we believe to be competitors. Flipboard, for example, was founded by Mike McCue, a former employee of Microsoft and Evan Doll, a former employee of Apple. Another example is the one of the professional network LinkedIn, which was founded by former employees of Apple and PayPal. This stands to show that people can easily find common grounds on which to develop great ideas, even if they come from different tech environments.

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