Start And Stop: Tetris Themed Stop Motion Bookshelf

Stop motion photography is something that takes skill, time, and patience, and when it is done correctly it can produce some amazing visual beauty. Being combined with something that everyone is familiar with, say Tetris, it become even more astonishing, and also more appealing to a greater audience.

YouTube author Quille00 has put together a wonderful display of stop motion using a Tetris themed bookshelf, putting it together piece by piece. The short movie is very artsy looking and has a wonderful soundtrack as well that really encapsulates the whole piece and brings it together as one to captivate a viewer.

Having seen friends put together a piece of stop motion whilst in high school, I can attest to the amount of time it can take someone to put together a whole stop motion movie. While it is just under a minute long, it must have taken hours to put together and perfect just right, getting all of the placements of limbs, pieces, and other props just right.

Being a big Tetris fan myself, I now want to find one of these fancy book shelves, though I do not know where I would put it in my door room. This showing of art though is wonderful, and although the video has gotten little attention on the Internet as of now, it certainly deserves a lot more. The author also has another piece as well, entitled The Great Dictator which can be found on his YouTube channel (here),and the Tetris video can be found there, as well as below.

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Via: Quille00