Devil May Cry Case Mod

If you’re a fan or are familiar with the video game series “Devil May Cry,” then this PC mod is going to strike you as a powerful work of art.  Maurycio Gyovanni’s PC stands as a masterpiece that accurately portrays modern technology and artwork. Roberto, who specializes in painting motorcycles and is also a good friend of Gyovanni, airbrushed the artwork.

One of the main characters, Dante, is painted with his epic sword and dual guns on the side along with splashes of blood red contrasting against black making for a truly epic PC mod.  To complete the proper feel of the game series a red glow comes out from beneath the case.

The artwork and effects alone are stunning, but that is only the beginning.  What lies in the heart of this machine is also commendable.  Sticking with the black and red theme, the cables have been painted red and black and can be viewed by a side window.  A Cooler Master Musketeer 2 is mounted in the top bay along with a Cool Drive 4 sitting below it.

The system features an Intel I5 750, 4GB of DDR3 ram, a Radeon HD 5850 video card, and a whopping 5 Tb of hard drive space.  The peripherals include a Logitech MX Revolution, a Logitech Z5500, and a giant 32 inch LCD samsung monitor.

If you aren’t very familiar with the game, then here’s a little background.  The game series that inspired this magnificent mod, “Devil May Cry,” was developed by Capcom and was created by Hideki Kamiya.  The series of games is fast paced with heavy combat that employs long chain attacks while avoiding as much damage as possible.  The plot includes the main character, Dante who is portrayed on the side of the mod, struggle to avenge his mother’s murder by slaying any demons that cross his path.  So, whether you were already familiar, or are now familiar, with the background of this mod, you can truly appreciate the history, detail, and power that was put into this PC.

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Via: Mnpctech