Thank You MaxCDN!

MaxCDN is a professional and reputable content delivery network that provides an amazing solution to speed up your site for all of your worldwide visitors.

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CDN, short for Content Delivery Network, is a service of optimized servers located worldwide, which in turn are able to deliver your content to specific users through a server closest to them. This in turn speeds up your content to the variety of visitors based on their location.

While Walyou may be a US Based website, we have readers that arrive to our site from many locations besides the United States, which include (but are not limited to) UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Australia, Israel, India, China and many more … including Spanish speakers, thus Walyou Spanish was launched. With the use of MaxCDN, we are able to optimize our content to the visitors of our site, so images, videos, content and more are much quicker to load and appear for our visitors … based on where they arrive from.

Not long ago, we began working with MaxCDN for such a service, for they were recommended to us, and after seeing the reputable partners they work with, such as Mashable, CopyBlogger, and UserVoice, we were very quick to take them for a test drive. The immediate result was quicker load times for readers from the different locations, ending up with happier visitors, quicker results, and an optimized surfing experience when browsing through our site.

While MaxCDN is not a free service, the price is extremely affordable, and with the positive results it provides, it more than worth the rate. Moreover, MaxCDN has continually helped us improve the speed of our content with their professional and courteous support, bringing them to a recommended service for other website owners.

For other services we work with we highly recommend are Wibbitz and Geosurf.

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