Wibbitz Peeks its Head Out of Beta

We’ve  told you before about Wibbitz and it’s interesting video player plug-in August, and now we more news: It’s finally out of Beta and available to the public! At the very least, it’s no longer invite only.

As we said before, Wibbitz adds a nifty video player plug-in to your browser and streams content from a site of your choosing (Wibbitz uses Walyou as an example). It takes images, video and headlines from that website and converts it into an interactive streaming video.

Right now the application is more interesting than ever with the ability to customize your Wibbitz stream with your own logo, colored themes, language, and even background music. Registration is quick and easy, and once finished you’re presented with your own Dashboard to alter your Wibbitz video player and even check on Web analytics.

Webbitz Dashboard

Above:  Wibbitz’s Dashboard can be used to check Web analytics, add new players, and check out new features. Below: The Customization page with allows you to pick the website you want streamed, the title theme, log, and even background music.

Wibbitz Options

The interactivity enabled with Wibbitz is that you can click on headlines and share them with your friends on social networks including the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Sound like a marketing dream? The best part about it still being in Beta is it’s currently free. We had no problem signing up and designing our own Wibbitz player for Walyou.  Check out the Walyou stream here or simply click on the button on the left hand side for a real time test drive and fun ride.

Wibbitz says this tool is designed to help increase web traffic and leverage your content in a unique way, and we find it hard to argue otherwise. Designing a Wibbitz to any website could be a fun additive for your visitors, and especially valuable to a site or blog with a constant newsfeed–plus, it’s ridiculously idiot-proof in terms of set-up. So have at it.