Thank You Sucuri!

Sucuri is a leading service that helps website owners maintain security measures on the web, including removing harmful and pesky malware from their site. We wanted to thank them for their support and assistance.

sucuri malware protection

If you are an avid Internet user, then most likely you have seen and perhaps even been attacked by annoying malware during your ongoing surfing. If you are a website owner, then you may have had your site temporarily hacked with malware intruding and attacking your users. Here at Walyou, we have previously been a victim of both.

A number of months ago, Walyou was temporarily hacked. The result was a site full of malware ads and the victimizing our loyal readers. While it is not an extremely hazardous problem, a website’s reputation, readability and security is at stake with such malware attacks. We attempted to repair the problems, and while there was a quick solution, it didn’t always hold, until Sucuri came to the rescue.

Sucuri is a premier security service that specializes in such attacks and helps clean your site from malware hacks, including securing it for future measures. Once contacted, they were able to go into action and quickly clean the site up from any malware, including providing an alarm in case it appears again. The latter simply means that if such an attack occurs again, we would be able to know about it immediately and thus clean up the site quickly, so our readers and visitors will not be annoyed again.

Thanks to Sucuri, we can both be calm about our current operations and also maintain ongoing security to avoid such hacking again. Their service has been quick, professional and courteous, for that is what they are pros at. If you are a Website manager or owner and have been a victim of such problems, Sucuri is a definite place to find the remedy and ongoing solution.

Additional services that help us throughout the Blogsphere are Geosurf, Wibbitz and Wibiya and we greatly appreciate their partnership.

sucuri malware protection service