The Best Gadgets for The Lazy Geek

There will be those days when we are so struggling to crawl out of bed. If only we can predict when or where our “lazy days” will come, then we should have filed a leave or a happy vacation for that. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t happen every day (well, at least for some). You know what they say–lazy people will find ways to make hard work easier. Let’s be thankful for such laziness that manufacturers and inventors came up with items to make life easier for the lazy ones. Check it out!

Gorone Desk

Lazy Gadgets Gorone Desk

This is like a lazy pod for your laptop or netbook! Everybody came to that one point when you are working on your laptop or netbook but there is a dire urge for you to just lay down your back against your bed. It is so unbearable that you have to battle between your need to lay down and your need to finish what you are doing. No need to undergo a battle you can’t win! Here’s a perfect solution for everyone who needs to relax a little while working.

Smartphone and Tablet Dual Holder

Lazy Gadgets Smartphone and Tablet Dual Holder

You know you can never have enough gadgets to keep up with the fast-paced in this modern world that we live in. Seems a little overboard? Not really. Count how many people you know that doesn’t have a tablet, smartphone, and a laptop altogether? Others even have personal computers and other gaming devices on top of that! It seems too sad if you can not monitor or check your gadgets easily, right? You might be thinking of growing an extra arm that. Well with this smartphone and tablet dual holder, you’ll get an extra hand for sure!

Chargeable Flexible Arm Clip Style for Smartphones

Lazy Gadgets Chargeable Flexible Arm Clip Style for Smartphones

In layman’s term, a lazy pod for your phone. You are really missing out a lot if you haven’t gotten one for yourself already. Come on! This is a very useful item– especially if you are doing video calls, timed photo shoot, and watching movies on your phone! Have you tried texting early in the morning, then your “just-awaken” hands are still weak then you end up dropping your smartphone¬†to your face? That’s a preventable scenario (even without the use of this gadget). However, having this at home makes it even better and cooler!

Lazy Gadgets Chin Rest Arm Office posture gadget

Needing someone or something to lean on? You can at least lean your chin here while you are working or relaxing. This is a cute and sort of funny lazy gadget that you’ll enjoy resting your chin on. Besides, your hands have too much to do anyway, right? Leave your chin in the hands of a reliable friend that will never leave your side!

Utsubusene Cushion 2

Lazy Gadget Utsubusene Cushion 2

This is another wonderful item that you could use while lying down flat or prone. It gives the perfect moment or scene for you to relax and just chill while doing some work or just listening to music or reading your favorite book. This lazy gadget captured the hearts of many adults and kids alike! Try one now and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


As what you might have figured out now, using lazy gadgets doesn’t mean that you are just someone who’s like a slob. You know that these items make things easier for you, so why endure the extra trouble of not having it? Using useful items to make your life and work easier is not even considered being lazy nowadays. It is being smart. A hardworking person may succeed in life but a smart worker can make it even bigger!