The First Underwater Hotel

Dubai is well known for its futuristic and unique building skyline so this news don’t really comes much as a surprise. After holding the title for the second tallest hotel in the world 1,296 ft high, Dubai decided its time to hold yet another record and build the first underwater hotel.

The UFO ship looking hotel is going to featured 2 discs – an underwater and above-water one. The combination of the upper and underwater will allow guests to explore the ocean while making the most of the warm climate.  To sum-up in one word after looking at the pictures: WOW!

The upper-water disc will include a restaurant, spa, a luxurious lobby and a stunning swimming pool.

A look inside the room revels a unique expriocace and we haven’t seen before this is literally sleeping with the fish, but in a much better way of meaning.  Imagine how relaxing and exciting it can be to stay in a room like this one, see the magnificent sea life, the colorful coral reefs and of course the wide variety of ocean fish, god I hope that they don’t have sharks there.

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Via Deep Ocean Technology