Take a Ride on Insano: The Highest Water Slide in the World

If you think you are the ultimate daredevil, take a trip to Ceara, Brazil and conquer the highest water fall in the world, aptly named Insano, because you’d have to be insane to ride it!

There is no better way to get rid of any looming winter doldrums than looking forward to fun summer activities. When the heat of the summer arrives, everyone starts heading towards the closest water park. And what is the most popular attraction at any water park – the water slide! They are fast, they are fun, and you slip and slide all the way into a big pool and make a huge splash, probably annoying the people waddling in the water off in the distance…but who cares. And while water slides are quite a distance above the ground, what about one that is located 14 stories up? Welcome to the Insano.

Located near the city of Fortaleza in Brazil, is a water park that is just like any other water park in the world except for one thing – it houses the highest water slide in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Known as the Insano (how appropriately named because you would have to be insane to try it), this water slide reaches a height of 41 meters. If you want to know how high that is, go to a building’s fourteenth story, head to the closest window and look down. That’s how high it is.

It was constructed in 1989 and the reason it is so extreme is because the slide down is extremely steep, allowing gravity to do its job and pull you right down. The slide only takes four to five seconds but you can be traveling at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour!

For those wondering, there is a pool to catch you at the bottom. Now, I do not suggest any kind of running jumps as you may miss the entire slide and jump to an untimely doom. Because of the height of the water slide, patrons are only able to slide feet first on their back to avoid any injury.

Nuts…insane…totally crazy – these are great describing words used to discuss those who opt to throw themselves down this water slide. Thanks to Oddity Central for sharing this, but I think I am going to stick by the kiddie pool.

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