Hotel With World’s Biggest Cylindrical Aquarium

Usually Berlin is associated with historical tourism, but what if we told you there’s a fantastic and unique scuba diving opportunity? Just check the Radisson Blu Hotel.


No, you’re not watching a James Bond movie footage: this huge cylindrical tank is called The Aquadom and is located inside the Radison Blu Hotel. It is filled with about 1 million liters of seawater and has 1,500 tropical fish of 56 species and tiny reef-like mounds at its base. The team that manages it is the Sea Life Berlin Aquarium, right next door.


The AquaDom is so massive that the whole hotel had to be built around it, instead of the tank being carried inside. Visitors can take an elevator that travels up the center of the aquarium up to a platform located just below the glass roof of the hotel, where they can get a panoramic view of the tropical sea like spectacle below.


Sleeping with the fishes doesn’t have to mean pissing of the mafia. You can get a room in the hotel for about 180 Euro per night (that’s close to 215 dollars).


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