The Innovative and Superfast Skateboard

Do you ever get that exhilarating feeling in your stomach when Tony Hawk whizzes on his skateboard seemingly at the speed of light? Then there has definitely been day dreaming about speeding down the sidewalk with the breeze in your hair and the other guys sneaking jealous peeks, making your moves at what might look like break neck speed! With the onset of the electric skateboard-era, this is your chance to get your beast back in the game! Brought out by Hammacher Schlemmer is the 19 miles per hour street skateboard that is the ultimate dream!

With this cool machine, you can touch a top speed of 19 miles per hour when you are sliding past smooth terrains like footpaths, clear streets, and flat concrete surfaces parking lots. And the ride doesn’t stop and it carries you away to the land of fast rides for up to 10 miles when fully charged. Throttling from zero to a speed of 19 miles per hour is a jiffy’s trick as it accelerates to its maximum in just three and a half seconds flat! To ride on this mean machine, age no bar! But if you are an enthusiast below the age of 16, adult supervision is advisable for safety reasons. Besides, if you are within the lavish weight limit of 330 pounds, this baby can be yours!

Now to discuss some numbers, the skateboard weighing 40 pounds, has a generous nine inches wide board which allows you to balance conveniently without the fear of tipping over. The deck is made up of resin and maple veneer that makes it wonderfully sturdy. Besides, the texture of the wood makes it a non-skid surface, completely ruling out accidental slipping off the board under normal circumstances.

Powered by a potent 600-watt motor, this skateboard works like any other good, loyal skateboard. It allows you to make eight feet turns on its four inch urethane wheels. Moreover, its patented handheld wireless trigger that gives you complete control over this beast- digital proportional control over its speed, and easy to work mechanism. Pull the trigger to accelerate and push it forward to work the brakes. The rechargeable batteries are long-lasting and detachable. They can be fully charged over duration of four hours using the accompanying adapter. What’s more, safety features like auto power-off, and half-inch thick rubber vibration dampening, it is time to get your helmet and gear on for the wildest ride of your life! It is available at $549.95.

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