The Laser Firing Watch James Bond Would Love to Have

Looking completely like something Q will give James Bond before he goes off for another mission, we now have a watch that first lasers thanks to inventor Patrick Priebe (who runs a company called laser gadgets).

Laser Watch

Priebe is also responsible for the a-la Spider-man Webshooter and other fun stuff like the Iron Man laser gauntlet. His video for the new Laser Watch has already picked up over 700,000 views on Youtube.

According to Priebe, the watch is made out of leftovers:

I found a piece of leftover tubing, and I put it on my wrist and I realized it looked like a watch already. All I had to do was file down the edges to make the time module fit and cut something out for the laser module on the side, and it fit right away. It’s just my style, putting things together without a plan.

The James Bond ‘Goldeneye’ video game from 1995 provided the inspiration to making this gadget, which is shown blowing up baloons in the introduction video.

Priebe has made it clear the watch isn’t for sale: There are some limits. I always say I don’t make weapons. I just make toys.

Hat Tip

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