The Most Kick-Ass Gaming Room in the World

For some people, gaming is a way to unwind after work and kill a couple of hours before going to bed. For others, everything that happens in their life is just an obstacle in the way of doing what’s really important: playing video games.

Among those chosen few, there are even fewer how take the gaming part of their life so seriously, making somewhat of a shrine to that part of their life. Take this guy, James, a personal trainer of a redditor, who decided to share his game-room photos with her, and became a source of envy for thousands.

Gaming Room

It’s not just the size of the room dedicated to something which is much more than a hobby and pass-time to these guys; it’s the order in which the video games are kept, the amount of consoles on display, including about 15 of them hooked up to a giant HDTV with a control box that simply flips the screen between the one the owner wants to use at the moment.

Gaming LIbrary

Gaming Room II


As you can see, a gaming room isn’t only about the consoles and games – it’s about the entire decoration  from the pictures on the wall to the sheets on the bed. I bet some of these furniture designs or this awesome Space Invaders LED Lamp would fit perfectly into such an environment.