Portal’s Companion Cube Light by NVK Enterprises

If Aperture Science ever forgets to foot the light bill, this is one companion cube that won’t leave you in the dark.

The labyrinth testing grounds of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center is a hazardous place, where the wrong move can lead to instantaneous death. In almost every level from Valve’s Portal series laser-firing torrents, inescapable pits, and all manner of deathly traps obstruct your path to eventual freedom from the cold, calculating plans of GLaDOS.

Companion Cube Light on by Nathan Van Kampen image

You’ve got to be mighty resourceful in the face of unrelenting danger – say if suddenly GLaDOS decides to turn off the lights, what then? Here’s an idea: bring along one of Nathan Van Kampen’s  (a.k.a. NVK Enterprises) self-crafted Companion Cubes. Not only do they make the perfect “companion”, but they also brighten any pitch-dark room with a purple illuminating glow.

Here’s what one looks like when it’s turned off.

Companion Cube Light off by Nathan Van Kampen image

Just don’t try using one as a shield, though. Nathan’s versions of Portal’s hapless occupants are quite smaller than their non-lighting brothers, measuring only 2-inches around. They’re also just made from aluminum and plexiglas – so yeah – not the best item for protection.

Oh, but if you want to get through an unlit space unharmed with your head attached… or heck, have cool bedside nightlight… consider purchasing a cube off Nathan’s Etsy page for the neato price of $15 USD.

Hurry up and get one before GLaDOS finds out; you know how she feels about Companion Cubes. Poor little guys… Hmm, I wonder how GLaDOS feels about Walyou? Wait. GLaDOS is just a super computer, they don’t have feelings. Which is a shame, because then she can’t enjoy our geeky features about Metal Gear Rising murals or the top ten winter gadgets.