The PHOENIX a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to wireless speakers, you have a wide selection of products to choose from and due to the wide variety, it’s hard to pick a good one. This is where we come in to the picture, We tested the Phoenix Bluetooth speakers and we can say with out a doubt, that they are good, keep reading to find out why.

Our first impression from the speakers, before we even turned them on, was that they are beautifully designed and have a great look. It was pretty easy to get impressed from the small but efficient size of the gadget and the manufacturing quality it demonstrates. You immediately understand that the speakers have potential, so we turned them on, and we were not disappointed at all. Although the speaker is relatively a small speaker, its compact design does not harm the quality of the sound. At the end, you get a high quality of sound without carrying around a heavy and complicated device.
portable bluetooth speakers phoenix 1 copy

When it comes to overall performance the speaker has some surprising features: it has an 8 hour battery life on a single charge, it connects cable-free using Bluetooth  of course and syncs easily  with almost any Bluetooth device. It only weighs around 200 grams and has a Bluetooth range of up to 40 feet. Who said that great things can’t come in small packages?

The speaker is available in 5 different colors and retails usually for $99. Beacon are now offering a special Valentine’s day price of $79 for the red and pink speaker. You can also purchase a Phoenix case here. Over all if you are looking for compact speakers, PHOENIX, should be a great choice.

portable bluetooth speakers phoenix 2 copy
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