Who Needs a Lava Lamp when You’ve Got Jellyfish

Having an unusual pet is one thing, but having these creatures function as attractive interior lighting is another. As jellyfish tanks have become more popular across the globe, a UK-based company has found a modern and chic way of housing the unique animals. And don’t worry, they don’t sting!

jellyfish 1

Reef Eden International is an aquatic supplier based in Hampshire, UK, and they said these cubic jellyfish aquariums are selling like hotcakes. Initially, when jellyfish keeping has started in the country, interested buyers could only buy their jellyfish and tanks in the US. Reef Eden has managed to be the first one to supply in the UK, but due to high demands, they might run out of tanks soon.

The cubic jellyfish tanks are specially designed to house as much as 12 moon jellyfish, also known by their genus name Aurelia. Because jellyfish need to live in an environment with a constant current of water, the tanks have a built-in system that circulates the water, keeping the jellyfish in motion.

jellyfish 2jellyfish 3

What’s special about these jellyfish tanks is that they are also equipped with LED bulbs that change color. Add to that the translucent creatures swimming about, and the result is a fascinating living light fixture for your home. Who needs a lava lamp?

Keep in mind, however, that jellyfish keeping does entail a high budget and some maintenance. The tanks alone will cost around $1,200. Moon jellyfish, depending on the size, can cost around $30 to $55 each. Jellyfish need specialized food, which is processed plankton, sold only through selected distributors at about $30 for a couple of ounces. The jellyfish can be fed once every few days, and the water regularly maintained for cleanliness and salinity. Okay, so you don’t spend that much time and effort on a lava lamp, do you?

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Via: Daily Mail