There’s a New Player In Town: Meet Thruzt

Meet Thruzt, a new social media networking game.  Thruzt was created with the idea of giving back the power to the community and it believes that the internet belongs to the users and that the users should have a say and select the content they want to see.  The site was founded by Marcus Hirn a.k.a Zeta Dog and was launch 3 days ago. Although the site is only been around for only 3 days its already showing lots of potential and a big community growth.

The basic of Thruzt is similar to other social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit in which you submit content and sometimes depends on a lot of factor your submission can get to the home page, but what makes Thruzt different is its approach. Instead of being just another social bookmarking site the Thruzt  team want visitors to see it as a game. A place in which you can submit content (and yes even your own site/blog) and then try your hardest to get attention to it. On Thruzt you’ll not be limited to a certain amount of “pops” or get banned just because you get a lot of your submissions to pop, of course you can’t promote spam or shady content but as long as you keep it clean, the sky it the limit when it comes to promote them.  Thruzt has no problem with you trying to push your submission or finding a trick or a system to promote your submission, that’s just all a part of the Thruzt game.

When it comes to the site’s design you can’t help but think about Pinterest since it has a similar visual browsing feel and effect, but that’s  what makes it more enjoyable. Another great thing about Thruzt is it’s massive “Paths” selection. Unlike other sites, Thruzt offers lots of paths (categories) to choose from, so if you have a diet site or a cupcake site you’ll find the right path to submit your content.

The Thruzt team is still working on the site since currently they are running the Beta version and their goal is to give their community the best site experience possible. The Thruzt motto is  “You get what you give” and Thruzting is much more fun when you do it together. So what’s your Thruzt?

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