Awesome Iron Maiden Birthday Cake Featuring Eddie

In case you didn’t know, Eddie is the mascot of the world renowned heavy metal band Iron Maiden. This cake featuring him is probably every blood brother’s perfect birthday present.

Even though it is not my favorite band, Iron Maiden has a special place for me. “Fear of the Dark” was the first tape I ever bought, back in 1994. Also, it was the first international band whose concert I attended. Now I’m rather focused on progressive rock and metal, but I would not ever pull back from listening to a good old Maiden song.

Mark, the metalhead who was lucky enough to get this birthday cake, must have been ecstatic when he saw it. The impressive level of detail is explained by the fact that Mark’s wife owns a dessert company. I’m pretty sure that a homemade birthday cake could not have looked so good. Even the lightnings behind the mummified Eddie look incredibly similar to the ones from the original poster. The only thing that could have used some additional work are Eddie’s clenched fists on each side of the chain.

The first picture does not do justice to the icing of this birthday cake, but as seen in the second image, it was really shiny. In addition to that, the lower side of the cake featured the text “Happy Birthday Mark” written in the same font as the the band’s logo, fact that makes the cake even more awesome. The dessert company owned by Mark’s wife is found in Vancouver. Among many other things, the company makes custom cakes, and this one is featured along with many others on the company’s website (check the 5th, 6th and 7th image under Yum Tables > Just for Fun).

Given the great attention to detail that is portrayed in this cake, it would not be a mistake to assume that many other metalheads will place birthday cake orders here. However, considering the publicity that this dessert company got due to this birthday cake, the customer base will surely include more than just people who listen to heavy metal. Even though I enjoy geeky birthday cakes too, the ones featuring elements of the heavy metal genre seem more interesting to me.

How did your favorite birthday cake look like? Have you seen one online that spiked your interest?

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