Technology Tinder Plus to Cost More for Users Over 28

Tinder Plus to Cost More for Users Over 28

Controversial dating app Tinder has ruffled feathers once more by announcing ‘Tinder Plus’, which will charge users who are over 30 years old.

Tinder Plus Rewind feature

Dating app Tinder is no stranger to controversy. Not only was Tinder’s CEO and founder Sean Rad forced to step down following a sexual harassment lawsuit but the app itself has been accused of trivialising the dating world by allowing users to reject or like matches by just swiping left or right.

Tinder is back at it again, it seems, as this time the free app is offering a paid service called Tinder Plus. Tinder will now be limiting likes to users but with Tinder Plus users can have an unlimited number of likes; but there’s a catch. For users aged 28 and under, Tinder Plus will cost £3.99/$6 USD per month but for those over the age of 28, Tinder Plus will cost substantially more at £14.99/$23 USD per month. While there’s the argument there that this will encourage people to be more sparing with their likes and to only like people who they really want to be romantic with, others have said that this is clearly age-based discrimination.


Other features that Tinder Plus brings with include Passport and Rewind.
With Passport, the app “lets you change your location to connect with people anywhere around the world” as users can choose between their current and new destinations to look for partners. Tinder describes it as “teleporting to a different location” but much more simple than that, it lets people arrange hookups before they get to a city and it can even help people decide where they want to visit based on who will want to hookup with them.

Rewind, on the other hand, helps to correct people’s mistakes. Accidentally swipe left on someone you really, really meant to swipe right on? Rewind corrects that and lets you go back and say that you like them instead. Pretty handy.

Source: Tinder

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