Moto Maker will be available world-wide in March

MWC 2015 brought us a few stories of all types, yet the presses never stop. Now, Motorola has announced their Moto Maker service will be available worldwide.

Moto Maker

Motorola announced a plethora of stuff at MWC 2015, the Moto E 4G being the greatest among them, as well as the new Moto X finally arriving at several countries that had been unjustly overlooked, yet these are not the biggest news the company had to share. Turns out that by the end of March, Moto Maker is going to be available world-wide.

Yet, what is Moto Maker? It’s Motorola’s very own device personalization platform, which allows users to change colors and material of a phone’s case before buying them, as to create completely unique devices fit to any user’s tastes. As of now, this platform was only available for the US and select European countries, yet by the end of March it is going to expand to several other countries.

Moto Maker 2

It seems that the project might also expand to include non phone devices and gadgets to this program, so users could get a Moto 360 smartwatch personalized to their tastes, for example, which makes it a way more desirable product. Is it time to hold off on purchases and wait a bit?

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