Romaine Jerome Steampunk Watch: A Tribute to the Titanic

Almost a century has gone by since the legendary ship ‘Titanic’ struck an iceberg and went down the waters of the Atlantic. Those who sailed the ship were ‘fortunate’ as well as ‘unfortunate’ being a part of its history. The ship continues to live on with its memories being recreated time and again in various forms. The Titanic DNA series of Romain Jerome watches is one such tribute to the ship.

The latest watch to be added to this series is called the Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk, or you could call it the Steampunk Watch. At first glance it is difficult to figure out the various parts. It gives the effect of spare parts glaring out, but on closer examination you would realize that the entire effect is part of the watch design. It is then that you appreciate its looks.

The watch does not have a flashy look.  In fact it has a rustic but very classic look which is all the more appealing. The bezel is 50mm wide and done up in oxidized metal. The bezel holds an ‘X’ motif that extends into the dial and is supported by screws. These screws are supposed to resemble the pistons of a steam engine. The scratchy effect given to Roman numerals 12 and 6 are an eye catcher. The arms, once again, replicates the design of the Titanic anchor. The seconds are monitored by a small propeller shaped device located near the number 9 space. The leather strap with a steel buckle adds on to its character. Overall, the watch is a combination of contrasting effects with each one complimenting the other.

The series is known as Titanic DNA since it has a part of that ship lying deep under the ocean. The rusted bezel has been created from the authentic steel from the Titanic combined with the steel supplied by the Harland and Wolff shipyards where the Titanic was built. Each watch produced in this series is unique in itself and pays homage to the legendary ship. The watch has a limited edition of 2012 pieces, like all other Titanic DNA watches. The number was, probably, chosen to mark the ships centenary.

This series of watches stands out among all hi-tech watches. New technology paves way for new designs but the traditional pieces always hold their grounds firmly. The Romaine Jerome Steampunk may still be a self-winding watch which uses the traditional methods of telling the time but it is still a lot more precious than any flashy digital watch. It makes the user stand a class apart.

I am sure it’s one artistic watch that most of us would want to include in our collections. There are other interesting designs that you can check out as well like the Cloak Watch, Solar-Powered Watch Design and Clip Button Watch.

Via: aBlogtoRead