This Beer Cannon Could Win The Nobel

The next best invention for beer has arrived. A couple of bored faux-engineers (or college beer enthusiasts) have built the ultimate frat boy robot, the “Mini fridge beer cannon”. It made its debut in a one-minute viral video (around 610,000 views at blog time) posted by Personal Beer Robot on YouTube Christmas Eve, which demonstrated a functioning robot refrigerator, strapped to wheels and a camera, launching beer cans remotely via an iPhone application.

In the video we can see personalbeerrobot controlling the robot using his iPhone, moving the camera and wheels left and right to aim it, dispensing a can of Bud Light, and finally firing it towards him. We were skeptical that the robot might be a hoax at first, but more videos have surfaced revealing its internal build. You can check out the original below.

Unfortunately, at this time, the robot only launches the likes of Bud Light, Bud Light with Lime, Bud Select and PBR–watery undergrad favorites. According to the video narrator, the application also allows you to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator (the application displays the temp), and it even uploads a video of the beer launch on Twitter. As the beer-bot shoots cans 50 psi, it looks as though you really wouldn’t want to be unintentionally in the cross hairs (recently added).

We can only imagine the thousands of hilarious and dangerous impractical uses college students will come up for this this beer-bot, but it’s safe to say, fraternities and sororities everywhere will be rallying for their own. We’re sure deans are already pulling their hair out. According to Gizmodo, it has been reported that the inventors have said they might sell the design once they stop knocking over their furniture.