Tooli Plots, Engraves and Airbrushes on Your Desktop

Tools that were once industrially available are now making their way onto our desktops, to the endless joy of DIY enthusiasts.

If you’re past the stage of marking the name of your loved one on a tree, you probably know that metallic surfaces are far more durable. Granted, Troy Cundy must have thought of more practical things when he designed the Tooli creative desktop tool, a desktop CNC machine that relies on modularity to prove its versatility. The four tasks Tooli can accomplish are laser engraving, airbrusing, dispensing and plotting.

While this CNC machine isn’t for everybody, it could definitely prove useful for creative minds that are interested in leaving a mark on things (quite literally, this time). One of the best things about Tooli is that modules can be added to it in order to expand the surface for plotting or engraving. Considering that, Tooli could help small business, as well, and not just individuals.

“Tooli was designed from the ground up to be a scalable multi-function creative tool that’s super easy to use. Available in 3 sizes up to 84x60cm (33″ x 24″), Tooli provides the perfect creative space for artists and makers. The intuitive touch screen makes using Tooli super easy, and together with our Art2Gcode software offers a total package that everyone can use.

Tooli can plot with a level of versatility unlike anything else. The solenoid found in conventional plotters is replaced with a stepper motor and provides ultimate control over plunge speed and depth. With adjustable force from 30 to 1000g (1 to 35oz), this unique design is the perfect tool for plotting with everything from scrapers to soft tip markers. Tooli’s plot function allows you to easily create drawings with pens pencils and markers, or cut signs and decals with the included knife. We’ve even added a unique stamping feature that automatically returns the stamp to an ink pad as needed.”

Cundy turned to Kickstarter to raise the $65,000 AUD necessary for mass producing Tooli. So far, backers have pledged less than a third of that, but the project still has 37 days to go. If pledges follow the current trend, the funding goal should be exceeded way before the deadline. Assuming you’re backing the project with more than $1,395 AUD, you should receive your modular CNC machine in March 2016.

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