Top 10 Best Backgammon Board Sets to Buy

If you haven’t played Backgammon, you’re probably living under a rock. It is one of the oldest board games and its history dates back to almost 5,000 years. The game is pretty easy to play and allows two players to play at a time. Your skills and tactics will be put to test and the one who moves all the checker out of the board will be the winner. Today, let’s take a look at the best backgammon board sets available online so that your weekend plans are set! The whole article is divided into three sections based on the price, so let’s get started.

Backgammon Sets below $50

1) Get The Games Out Top Backgammon Set

Backgammon Board by Get the Games Out

This is a beautiful looking backgammon board set from Get The Games Out. It’s of medium size and they also have two other sizes, small and large. The set includes everything that will help you get started quickly. It includes the board, dice, shakers, doubling cube, playing chips and a strategy guide. The entire inside uses leatherette material stitched to perfection. The buckles have a brass coloring which gives them a premium look.

2)   BACKGAMMON Set- Portable Travel Game Board Game

Portable Backgammon Board Set

This set looks exactly like the one from Get The Games Out. It measures 15” and is of medium size as well. It comes with playing chips, dice, doubling cube, shakers and also an instruction manual. This board also uses faux leather on the inside. The latches have a brass coloring and the entire set looks like a premium briefcase in hand. It is perfect for use as a travel game and can be your perfect companion for a picnic or the next weekend out.

3)  Personalized Backgammon Set Wood (Great for gifts for husband, grandpa/family member)

Customizable Backgammon Board

The next backgammon board set we have is a personalized option which can be engraved with the names of your loved ones. As far as what comes inside the box is concerned, you get all the required stuff. The playing chips, doubling cube, cube shakers and dice are all there. Unlike the last two options, this one doesn’t have stitching inside nor does it use faux leather. The wooden handle and the engraving look superb and this will be a great gift option. Also, you can contact the seller for a discount if you order more than six of them.

Backgammon Sets below $100

4)  Duboce Inlaid Walnut, Beech, Sapele, and Bass Wood Backgammon Board Game, Large 17 Inch Set

Wooden Backgammon Board

We are upping the game a bit now. This one looks classy and the finish on this one is just to die for. It’s a 17-inch backgammon board set and is slightly larger than the ones we’ve been playing with so far. The whole thing is made out of wood from different parts of the world. The outside is made of Beechwood and Walnut wood from Germany and the USA respectively. The interior uses a combination of Basswood, Sapele wood and Walnut wood from China, Africa, and the USA respectively. The entire set weighs 5 pounds with all the pieces and it comes with the shakers, cubes, and playing chips.

5) Yellow Mountain Backgammon Game Set (17 inches)

Backgammon Game Set by Yellow Imports

Yet another 17-inch board and this time it is from Yellow Mountain. To be honest, the previous one looks better and this one doesn’t seem very premium. It also doesn’t have a handle which I think is a bummer when it comes to traveling. The build quality and the quality of the pieces are exceptional. You get all the mandatory playing equipment along with the board as well. The board is clean all around without any handle or latches and uses hidden magnets to keep it shut. Overall, I think this board might appeal to someone looking for a minimalist design.

6)  Middleton Games Tournament Backgammon Set – 21 in. – Classic Brown

Backgammon Board by Middleton Games

So far, we’ve seen 15-inch boards and 17-inch boards. But now it’s time for the big boys to come out. This backgammon board set from Middleton Games is 21-inches in size and they also have solid brass latches, a sturdy handle and a faux leather construction throughout. The nice brown color will appeal to people who like leather and the texture feels almost the same. Just like every other backgammon board, we get the dice, playing chips and shakers along with it.

7)  Backgammon Set in Sheesham and Boxwood with Board, Dice & Stones – 12″

Sheesham Backgammon Board

If you want a tiny set that will stay with you for a very long time, this is the perfect option. It uses boxwood and Sheesham for its construction. The box doesn’t come with cube shakers and only has the double cube, dice, and the playing chips. There’re no bells and whistles with this one, just a high-quality board with stuff just enough for you to start playing. It is a great option for those who want something small, simple and easy to carry around.

Backgammon Sets below $200

8) Silverman & Co. 19-inch Premium Backgammon Set – Large Size – Purple Board

Premium Backgammon Board Set by Silverman and Co.

For people who enjoy the finer things in life is what they say about their board. With ultra-fine padded felt and premium leatherette, the 19-inch backgammon board set from Silverman & Co. is just a classy and premium offering. They have also given so much attention to the little things like the ergonomic oval dice cups with felt lining on the inside to reduce noise and tournament grade trip lips to ensure a fair dice roll. The only thing that might not appeal to everyone is the purple color, which is a bit jarring and out there.

9)  Handcrafted Egyptian Mother Pearl Inlaid Mosaic Wooden Backgammon Chess Game Board 20″/Chess Board/Game Board

Medieval Handcrafted Backgammon Board

This one will be a sure hit among the handicraft lovers. It’s handmade in Egypt and has some unique patterns that look gorgeous. The whole thing is handcrafted and it also comes with a chessboard on the other side. The highlight of this product is not just that it’s handcrafted, it is the fact that it comes with mother-of-pearl inlaid in the board. I believe that the patterns will be unique to each person who buys it and you can be the proud owner of something unique in this world. It is a 20-inch board and it only has the backgammon chips along with it.

10)  Backgammon Set with Stones Dice Ukraine Personalized gift

Handcrafted Backgammon Board

We kept the best-looking backgammon board for the end. One look is all that it takes to fall in love with it. The wood and leather combination look super-premium and the engravings are just beautiful. The outer lid has engravings on metal shields that make it look medieval in some ways. Unlike the traditional backgammon boards, this one doesn’t have the conventional design inside. You won’t get any dice cups, but the playing chips and dice have small little compartments where they fit in perfectly. Each of the playing chips also has a similar design and they’re made out of wood as well with an outer shield. They also allow custom engravings which are a nice little touch to an already great product.

With that, we’re at the end of our post about the best backgammon board sets. I’m sure you’ve set your mind on one of the boards above. I sincerely hope you have as much fun as I’ve had in coming up with this for you. If you are looking for more cool gadgets check out the best folding camping wagons for 2019 or follow the how-to guide on saving money while you shop online with Honey.