Top-of-the-Line Gadgets Every Traveler Needs

New travel gadgets flood the market every vacation season, but for every travel essential, there are several destined to gather dust. Read on to discover seven top-of-the-line gadgets worth the splurge.

Targus Premium Laptop Charger ($139.99)

Targus Laptop Charger

Image Via Targus

It might seem frivolous to spend money on something that essentially does the same job as the brick your laptop came with. However this charger’s sleek design is ideal for travelers wanting to lighten their load. It’s as petite as a Blackberry, and it can charge your laptop and another piece of portable technology using a wall socket or the power outlets provided in cars and planes.

Kensington Laptop Locking Station K64625WW ($79.99)

Half of all Americans take their laptop on vacation, but with one stolen every 53 seconds, it seems these devices are particularly vulnerable. Kensington keeps them safe with its premium laptop locking station, a heavy-duty device resistant to cutting, drilling, and prying. It’s also Kensington’s most expensive model, but its extra security features are priceless for anyone who leaves their devices unattended in hostels and WiFi hotspots.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G ($179.00)


Image Via Amazon

Fifty-seven percent of people who take portable technology on vacation use it to read for pleasure. While these devices can function as eReaders, using them as such quickly drains their batteries. So why not bite the bullet and get an actual eReader like Amazon’s premium model, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G? It bills itself as the “world’s most advanced eReader”, with higher resolution and contrast than its competitors. There’s a built-in light for evening reading, and an unrivalled eight-week battery life.

Jawbone Jambox ($199.99)

Jawbone Jambox

Image Via Jawbone

Enjoy crisp hi-fi audio in a wireless, portable package with the Jawbone Jambox. Its premium price tag buys an impressive 85-decibel output and ten hours of battery life. That’s enough time to provide the soundtrack for days relaxing on the decks of Bermuda cruise ships! This nifty gadget also doubles as a speakerphone for cell phone and VoIP calls on the go.

Ectaco Partner 13MT900 Grand Multilingual Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio Phrasebook ($979.95)

Many Americans seem committed to staying on home soil, with a mere one-third owning a passport. Many say fear of the language barrier, rather than a lack of desire, curbs their travel. Ectaco relieves the stress with its premium dictionary and phrasebook, which offers 7 million entries in 13 languages. Speech recognition and scan-and-read functionality helps you translate everything from travel pamphlets to trashy tabloid magazines.

Panasonic DVD-LS92 Portable DVD Player – $159.99

Most laptops come with inbuilt DVD players, but using them while traveling halves your battery life. If you want a movie marathon, a portable player like Panasonic’s top-of-the-line model is ideal. Its 11-hour battery life is perfect for long-haul flights and keeping the kids quiet on cross-country road trips. The impressive 9-inch LCD screen offers high-quality images on a larger scale than cheaper models.

Able Planet Clear Harmony NC1050 Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $349.99

Shut out the sound of the screaming baby a few seats back with Able Planet’s state-of-the-art noise-cancelling headphones. Using the same technology it developed to boost the sound quality of hearing aids, Able Planet delivers crisp audio even at high frequencies. Stereo and plane adaptors help you enjoy your favorite tunes, movies, and the in-flight entertainment. Standard AAA batteries deliver 35 hours of listening pleasure.

These gadgets might cost a pretty penny in the short-term, but they’ll reward your spending with years of pleasure.