Touch HDD by Daniel Arango

If you’re like me, you probably think the disk space on your laptop is never enough for your heavy work demands. But with this cool HDD concept, you get the storage you need, plus an extra awesome way of managing your data.

Touch HDD 1

Daniel Arango conceptualized the Touch HDD with the idea of simple and efficient data management for busy people. Combined with the compactness of smart phones, and the touch screen capabilities of tablets, this HDD can independently function even when it is not attached to your laptop or PC.

Touch HDD 2

The HDD can be accessed via WiFi or when it is connected via USB. The touch screen presents a simple interface wherein the user can view the battery life, signal strength, and even the internal temperature of the device.

Touch HDD 3

One can also check out the amount of storage space used, as well as the number of partitions. A navigation are shows the folders and subfolders, and buttons allow for copying, pasting, or even previewing of file properties. There are also control buttons that allow the user to sync with PC, format, or compress the files.

An interesting feature of Touch HDD is that while you can preview photos, know their dimensions and other properties, you can also use them as wallpapers for your interface. Plus, the designer proposed this HDD to be able to play music files or even movie files, without having to open them on your computer. Who knows? This HDD may even have other useful apps available soon.

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