WordPress App Makes Blogging Easy on HP TouchPad

Those of us familiar with WordPress would know that it is one of the easiest ways to publish and arguably the best blogging platform available today.

Most of us blog either on our laptops or desktops, and using portable devices that are handheld, like Smartphones or tablets is sort of difficult. HP recently announced its HP TouchPad, and among the 300 initial apps available in the App Catalog, the most interesting has to be the WordPress App. The app allows you to blog on the sleek and slim device, without having to worry about running back home to your desktop or carrying a heavy laptop with you everytime you need to blog or write about your experiences to your readers.

HP and WordPress have collaborated to create the cool new blog management app and it makes use of the webOS 3.0 notifications. It would allow you to manage your comments, upload images edit content easily and publish them, and the app also provides you with a statistics page that would help you track the traffic on your blog. The statistics page makes use of the Jetpack plugin. WordPress mobile experience becomes richer and more satisfying thanks to multi-tasking and sliding panels which are hallmarks of the webOS experience.

It is a free app that is built around the Open Source GPL v2.0. This means that we may expect more improvements and tweaks in the days to come. If you are a blogger and were looking for a cool device to blog on the go, perhaps you should try and get the HP TouchPad. It is not only a sleek and well-designed device, but also something that would earn you your bread without being a burden, literally. You could also take a look at 20 Free WordPress Themes and 20 Free Magazine Themes for bloggers, which we had written about sometime back.