Robot Hand Draws Demented Portraits

It seems like since the turn of the century, we’ve all been even more interested in robots than we already were (which was a lot).  In fact we’re so enamored with the different things robots can do, that when we can get them to draw, even if they aren’t good at it, we’re fascinated.

Robots have long been one of those things that we just cannot get enough of.  We are always looking to see just what the next little trick the robot is able to pull off will be, whether it is actually figuring out how to solve the always famous Rubik’s Cube or actually replace a part of the body like a true-to-life bionic limb.

Now there appears to be a sort of a robotic hand that can actually draw faces with a rather impressive detail.  There is just one “drawback” to the actual drawings and that appears to be that the robotic hand draws the faces with some serious imperfections.  Of course, the designer of this particular device says that the odd drawings are actually not some imperfection or problem with the program, but actually an illustration that the program and the device are actually running exactly as they should.

Presset says that he actually purchased lower grade servos than those that could be had that would have made the arm swoop and draw at a much higher grade with much more precision.  Because of this, Presset says the device operates more like that of an actual human hand, one that can make mistakes and smudges and lines where they aren’t supposed to be.  It does beg the question as to why someone would go to the trouble of making a robotic hand that draws as bad or worse than a human hand … on purpose.  Presset has apparently answered that the reason for doing so is just so that he can prove it can be done.

Presset has also said that while this particular version does not have any way to correct or improve its drawings, since there is no optical component, that he does plan to improve on the design and that the next version will indeed be able to learn and improve.