Autobot Ukulele is Pure Awesomeness

While it doesn’t quite have the ability to transform, this Autobot Ukulele, inspired by everyone’s favorite transforming robots, is pure awesomeness.

autobot ukulele transformer instrument

The best thing about he Autobot Ukulele is that it’s an actual instrument, and not just a replica. If you know a couple of Ukulele chords you can totally rock out and impress your friends, or really show off on-stage with one of these.

The body of the instrument is hand crafted from Ipe and Maple woods from a studio in Asheville, North Carolina, called Celentano Woodworks. These are the same guys that made that really cool Pac-Man Ukulele a while back.

autobot ukulele

It’s too bad the designers haven’t figured out a way to make one of these transform, though seeing that in action would probably blow someone’s mind away.

According to our source, these bad boys go for $550 over the artists profile on Etsy. Each one is made to order, so don’t expect to receive one in the mail the same week you place the order. Unfortunately, with that in mind, it’ll be tough to surprise a transformers geek in your life with one of these for Christmas, but hey, now’s a good a time as any to start thinking about next year.

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