Paculele: Designer Pac-Man Ukulele

When a particular creation becomes a phenomenon it finds its way into people’s hearts through various mediums. People also make efforts to express their admiration in multiple ways. You find stickers, posters, eatables, prints on clothes, furniture designed to show admiration for one’s favorite character, movie, game, etc. A very recent and novel way of expressing ones fascination for a very popular game has been revealed. A ukulele designed in the shape of a gaming character Pac Man.

A ukulele is a musical instrument belonging to the guitar family. It is a little smaller than the guitar and has four nylon strings in stead of six. Its origin can be traced back to the 19th Century when this small instrument was taken to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. Gradually its popularity grew to the United States from where it moved on to attract the world’s attention.

Years later, in May 1980, there came along a gaming character named Pac Man. Ever since its first release it captured the hearts of millions and became one of the most popular characters. Till date it is considered as an iconic figure.

Today, two popular creations belonging to two different centuries have been brought together in a completely different century. The ukulele and Pac Man have been gelled together to create a Pac Man Ukulele named Paculele.

The Paculele is a small and sweet looking instrument that has a very vibrant and cheerful effect due to its shape and color. Pac Man is not alone here as he is also accompanied by one of his enemies Shadow or nicknamed Blinky. This red monster is placed at the end of the fretboard quite far away from Pac Man.

This custom made instrument is 12 inches wide and 28 inches long. The scale is 19 inches long with 18 frets in all. The instrument is made of maple and has an ipa fretboard. It has been given shape by US based Paul Celentano’s celentanowoodworks.

The Paculele is part of a group of similar creations. Other ukulele designs include Snailele, Applelele, Avolele, Banjolele, Cakulele and many more. Since these are all custom made the choice depends upon the customer. In the words of the creator ‘if you can dream’, your instrument can be given any shape. Being handmade each one has a unique and novel character. These are fully functional pieces and can also be modified into electric instruments.Presently, it is priced at $600.

It’s time to get creative in more than one way. Play new notes on a designer Paculule.

Wow! Finally, gaming geeks like me get to enjoy games and music at one time. If you happen to love the design, don’t forget to check Snail Ukulele and Cthuhu Mythos Ukulele.