Concept Toothbrush Lets You See Your Teeth As You Brush

Going to the dentist is necessary, but fills a lot of people with dread. One concept for a toothbrush lets users see their teeth as they brush in order to improve their oral health.The Tooth Guardian is designed by Yu-Hsin Lin, Chu-Che Chang and Shang-Hsuan Lu. The toothbrush has a small camera mounted on the back of the toothbrush head and an LED to light up your dark mouth.

Tooth Guardian

A screen mounted on your bathroom mirror like the one you see in the photo. The idea is that if you’re able to see what you’re missing with your toothbrush, you’ll do a better job cleaning your teeth. And if you notice your choppers starting to look like Swiss cheese, you’ll know it’s time to make an appointment to see your dentist.

Tooth Guardian 2

Tooth Guardian 3


Tooth Guardian 4

Tooth Guardian 5

When you’re finished brushing, just return the brush to its charging stand, and a UV light will sterilize it for when you’re ready to brush again. The brush head is also replaceable.

This is a great idea, which actually might allow you to save money on your dental bills. As someone who’s had some dental work recently, I know it’s not always cheap, either in money or in time. It’s a good idea to avoid cavities and gum disease as much as possible, and if this toothbrush ever makes it to the market, it will certainly help.

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