Trash Tycoon: The Green Game

We are increasingly hearing phrases like “Go Green to save the planet,” “Adopt the three Rs of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle towards a better future” and many more. The basic idea is to save Mother Nature from destruction. This idea has also been taken up by a social game maker Guerillapps and the result is Trash Tycoon, probably the first of its kind.

Trash Tycoon is an ‘upcycling’ game that revolves around the idea of converting waste material into useful new products. So when you as a gamer begin to play you will be playing as an entrepreneur responsible for recycling products. As steward of a la Sim City you will be fighting against surfacing litter and trash. Each time you collect trash and convert it into a product you will earn points.

In the present times it is not unusual to spot brand names in every walk of life. It would not be a surprise if you come across them in a game. The appearance of popular brand within this game does add on to the game’s revenue but it also has a logical edge to it. Besides, the brand placements in Trash Tycoon do not look offensive. As a gamer you might not want to be bombarded with brand names but if you come across them in this game they will appear pretty well placed and smooth flowing. If you collect a piece of gum wrapper it could be Wrigely’s and that may help you connect to the real world.

The gaming environment and set up is very similar to what TerraCycle does in the real world. It will not be a surprise to know that TerraCycle is the sponsor for Trash Tycoon.

Another interesting factor is the realtime feature. Unlike other traditional Facebook games Trash Tycoon offers synchronous play where players can enter the realtime multiplayer zone. This will enable each player to communicate and collaborate in realtime with other players and team up with friends to get the city rid of trash.

When a concept has to be driven home children are often taught in a fun way, mostly using audio visual medium. This game could prove to be one such kind of ‘teaching aid’ for adults. We all use goods and dispose off the ones we do not need. Very few of us actually delve into the thought of recycling. Trash Tycoon could help bring about a greater degree of awareness among all – globally.

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Via: TechCrunch