Real Racing 2 Bringing Console Like Gaming To iPad 2

Allowing the mirroring between the iPad 2 and Apple TV when iOS 5 finally hits this fall is going to be a very, very big deal if the plans for at least one popular game have anything to do with it.

For whatever the reason, there are certainly quite a few adults and kids alike who have a real love affair with driving a really fast car all over the map.  This is shown when you start talking about the models that are starting to pop up for cars like the BRD’s full motion sensing racing car simulator that gives you the feel of driving the car without leaving wherever its been installed.  Apparently you will also be able to see what it’s like using the new mirroring option for the iPad 2 for almost all video and audio, including video games with the arrival of iOS5.

One iPad game that is going to go out of their way to use the new upgrade is Real Racing HD 2, which is already a popular game without what is coming down the pike.  The game’s developer, Firemint has announced that Real Racing 2 will be the first game that offers “wireless big screen gaming.”  Airplay mirroring will allow whatever shows up on the iPad screen to also show up on whatever TV you have an Apple TV hooked up to.  This will not be a smaller frame picture on a big screen TV, but rather will fill the entire screen, with the actual frame being the only border.

When the picture shows up on the big screen, the iPad 2 will act as a wireless controller that will allow you to steer the car this way and that as you zoom around the virtual racetrack.  Real Racing has even blazed a trail when it comes to being able to play it as a console type now, using the new HDMI adapter that is usable on both the iPad and the iPad 2.  Of course using that method still has you tethered to the television with a cord whereas the Airplay mirroring for the iPad 2 will allow you to be as far away as you’d like.  Those getting excited for the new feature still have some waiting to do as iOS 5 isn’t due until September.