Trexa Enertube Prototype

Electric cars are the big thing in the car industry right now especially since gas prices have been on the rise.  TREXA has come out with what might be the most impressive electric powered prototype car there is, where the battery plays a bigger role than just powering the car.

The battery is the literal backbone of the car platform and houses a scalable battery.  What is meant by scalable is that the battery size can be changed to power smaller chassis, like a small car that zips around town, or much larger vehicles such as a tractor trailer.

The design is flexible in the fact that it can be applicable to 2-wheel drive vehicles and 4-wheel drive vehicles.  This is good news for any off-road enthusiast that wants to have a 4-wheel drive that saves on the wallet.  The TREXA platform has a lot more flexibility than that though.

It’s designed to have simple maintenance and reduced expense.  The suspension on all four corners have interchangeable parts.  The Enertube is able to be removed even after a vehicle body is mounted.  This means that you don’t have to rip the whole car apart to simply upgrade or change the battery pack.  TREXA is currently working with auto suppliers and Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute to make a variety of platforms such as agricultural vehicles and racing cars.

TREXA CEO Seth Seaberg stated that “the DIY market has incredible potential, and there is no question that the re-emergence of electric drive is a result of grassroots efforts.”  He went on to say, “we are exploring how and when we might offer platforms, development guidelines, and support to the general public.”  So, keep an eye out for TREXA in the future.  Although still a prototype, it has great potential for waving good-bye to the gas pump.

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Via: Trexa and Inhabitat