What If Tron Legacy Was 8-Bit?

The world is always filled with “what if” questions. What if I voted for one guy instead of the other? What if I had a grizzly man beard? What if Batman & Robin was never released? What if Tron Legacy was 8-bit? Many of those questions may never fully show their potential outcomes, but one has definitely come to life. Open your hearts and expand your minds beyond space and time to 8-bit Tron Legacy!

Animator of this pixelated video, Pierre Manry, created this short 24 second clip that is filled with quick bursts of Tron goodness.  It starts off just like any old NES game should with the gripping midi file music and huge “START” button.  Within a moment’s notice the scene is taken to a Ketchup versus Mustard motorcycle duel that quickly escalates into a disk tossing jamboree.  Yeah, I said jamboree.

For those caught unaware, the sprites in the video were based off of models from the classic NES game Mega Man 2.  The greatest transparent moment where that fact is obvious would be during the battle scene that shows the traditional Mega Man jumps and projectile throwing animations. The music playing throughout the clip was Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” taking a remixed turn into the 8-bit realm courtesy of Youtube user midimachine.

The video has only been online since January 3rd and has already found itself shared all over the internet garnering in 68,000 views by its second day. How is this good news for those who enjoyed the video? Well, the creator stated that if interest doesn’t drop we may be gifted with a longer video by the end of the week. Here’s to hoping that the statement holds true.

Did you enjoy that little treat? Didn’t get enough of a fill with that 8-Bit rendition? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Why not check out Harry Potter and Michael Jackson in 8-bit?

Via: Retroist