Ghost Urns: Bringing Humor to Death

Death doesn’t have to be so solemn, and these ghost urns are just the thing to bring a little humor to the next great adventure

Ghost Urn

Designed by Anna Marinenko, these little ceramic pieces of dark humor are great for anyone who wants to remember their loved ones with a smile on their face. Sure, it might be a prototype, but it’s hard to imagine that there isn’t some young entrepreneur out there who wouldn’t want to try their hand at making some more non-grim urns.

The top of the ghost head opens up to reveal a small glass vial where the ashes are placed. The inside of the ghost head and bottom come in a variety of colors: pink, blue, green, purple and yellow. Great customization, especially if your loved one has always said they wouldn’t be “caught dead” in something yellow. Besides the porcelein version, there are also metal urns coming in silver and bronze/gold flavors.

One of the best things about these urns is that while it’s mainly for humor, it’s also quite nice looking. It combines a simple, elegant and modern design with a timeless spooky yet cute aesthetic. There are currently no dimensions for this prototype, but it would need to be at least one foot tall to hold the average adult human remains. If any smaller, it could only be used to hold a portion of the ashes or even keepsakes from the deceased like rings, watches, etc.

Surely death is a somber event, but why be reminded of the grim when this ghost urn can help bring memories of the deceased’s sense of humor. Certainly not for everyone and currently not on the market, this could be a great project for people who are great with ceramics or metal working. The design is so simple and clever that it’s bound to bring a smile to anyone who enjoys a dark sense of humor.

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Via: Design-Milk