The TSA says no to broken and uncharged gadgets

Because you never know if that iPad could be a bomb, the TSA has come up with a new regulation: gadgets must be charged and turned on before boarding a plane.


Overseas airports with flights towards the USA have a new regulation: travelers need to turn on their electronics before TSA checkpoints, and broken and out-of-power devices are absolutely banned. This is meant to prevent bomb-makers from believing they can disguise their explosive charges as whichever gadget they desire in checked bags. Failure to comply means that your gadget will be immediately confiscated, so goodbye tablets, phones, or laptops: if you don’t turn on, this is the last time we see each other.

What’s next? The TSA asking for your iTunes password to ensure you’ve paid for all of the songs you currently have on your device? The TSA has a reputation for being too extremist with these measures that in the end do not add up to much, but we’re wondering if this is not the point where the average Joe might just realize they’re going too far.

Source: Boing boing

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