Tupperware Turret Prevents Sandwich Thievery

Let’s face it, the marriage of guns, robots and food is about as good as it gets. For maximum mini-security this RC Tupperware Turret packs a powerful punch.

PyroElectro tupperware turret

It may not have motion sensors, but food thieves will still think twice before swiping your baked goods. The 11-hour project, built by Chris of PyroElectro, was designed to be as easy as possible to replicate. Chris even puts a call to action at the end of the tutorial “[imploring] anyone wishing to duplicate this project to ponder over how they could do a better job.”

Using Servo Motors, an IR Receiver and a few other parts, this tiny turret is operated by a standard TV remote. All circuit layouts are given along with the list of parts needed to make duplication as easy as possible.

The above video takes you through the process so you can follow along with the tutorial and the code has already been written for you. Chris takes the art of tutorials to another level with his Tupperware Turret masterpiece.

The turret itself is actually taken from a small electric Airsoft gun that shoots small plastic BBs. So if, by chance, you happen to hit a co-worker or family member, they will be unharmed. That still no guarantee they won’t be angry with you.

PyroElectro tupperware turret

Although it’s not mentioned anywhere in the article, I’d bet you could fit a decent amount of food inside for safe keeping.

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Via: Slippery Brick and PyroElectro