Phone Book Eating Car Stereo

If you know much about the history of cars, you’ve probably heard of the Ford Pinto and the occasional rear-end explosions that would occur during fender-benders. One decibel-junkie took this backseat explosion to a whole new level with some subwoofers and a little loud music.

Spurred on by a rainy day and boredom, Steve Meade, of Steve Meade Designs, built this bad boy for one job and one job only: to tear phone books to shreds. To do this kind of destructive damage, these would have to be some major speakers right? Try four 18-inch subwoofers. That’s almost 80 inches of blast-you-to-the-wall bass.

The Subwoofers in action

The back of this 2001 Chevy Tahoe is weighed down with the above-mentioned subwoofers, 13 amps and 26 other speakers. Custom systems that can do the grunt work of destroying documents seems like something you would only see on “Pimp My Ride,” but a Ustream audience got to witness it live in Meade’s garage earlier in the week.

From the title of the YouTube video, Meade claims that the sound system blasts out 30,000 watts, or approximately 138dB. This powerful audio attack rivals that of rock shows, jackhammers and air raid sirens.

Other sources have cited the level at 26,000 watts or 20,000 watts. No matter what the wattage, this system is clearly bad news for phone books that are unfortunate enough to get in the way.

Although it can obliterate the yellow pages, the sound system has a lot of help. That help comes in the form of a super-charged power system (ten batteries and three alternators).

Don’t expect to see this shredding SUV rolling down your block anytime soon as the system is one-of-a-kind. Now if only Meade could come up with a Tahoe that picks up all the shredded pages.

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Via: Autoblog