Turning Math Homework Into A Prom Dress

Rather than just recycling her old math homework, one student decided to use it to create her prom dress. Hopefully there are no failing grades or mistakes showing!

Most of us just choose to throw away our homework, never wanting to look at it again. By Kara Koskowich, a 17 year old girl in Canada, decided that she wasn’t only going to NOT throw her homework out, she was going to use it to create her prom dress. Much like Regan Kerr, who made her prom dress out of pop tabs, this Canadian student took her own creative route as well. Koshowich said, “For me, it’s not a big, spend your money, you have to look this nice, you have to fit into the mold of grad,” but rather it is about being creative, feeling like you look good and having a good time.

Koskowich did not go window shopping but opted to go “homework shopping” to find the homework that would be the most appealing to make a dress out of. She eventually settled on making her dress out of over 70 pages of old math homework because “it’s the most intricate to look at,” according to Koshowich. She spent a number of days sewing, cutting, and gluing to make a prom dress. Admittedly, like many other students do with their actual homework, Koskowich waited until the last minute to put her entire dress together.

If you are thinking she was alone, do not worry. Her friend, Dorothy Graham, also came in a recycled dress made out of old shopping bags. And while other girls came all dolled up in their fancy designer dresses, it was Koskowich’s dress that was actually the most admired and the most popular of the night.

Thanks Oddity Central for first posting about this story!

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