The Comedy Movie Alphabet

After bringing the Superhero Film Alphabet and the 1980’s Film Alphabet, Stepehen Wildish created another fantastic infographic made up of the letters and films, this time exploring the comedy genre. We’ve got the answers below if you haven’t guessed after some time.

A – Anchorman
B – Best in Show
C – Carry on Doctor
D – Dr Strangelove
E – Elf
F – Four Lions
G – Groundhog Day
H – Happy Gilmore
I – In the loop
J – Jerk
K – Kingpin
L – Life of Brian
M – Meet the parents
N – Napoleon Dynamite
O – Old School
P – Pink Panther
Q – Quick Change
R – Roxanne
S – Spaceballs
T – This is spinal tap
U – Uncle Buck
V – Vice Versa
W – Withnail and I
X – Project X
Y – Young Frankenstein
Z – Zoolander