TV & Movie Previews and Premiers at Comic-Con 2011

A ton of new movies and television shows will be previewed or premier at this week’s Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego.

Marvel’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” will be premiering right across the street from the convention this Thursday at the UA Horton Plaza Theater, a full day before it’s official release.

captain america

Marvel studios has promised a ton of Captain America related festivities will take place during the day at the theatre and at a booth of theirs inside the convention.

The “Conan the Barbarian” reboot will also be getting special treatment at Comic-Con. This remake of the original Schwarzenegger movie, based of the comics, will see Jason Momoa take on the role of the Hyborian adventuring alongside Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan.

conan comic con

AMC’s brilliant “The Walking Dead”, based off the graphic novel series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, will be having its own booth. The second season will be premiering on Halloween, as did the first season, but more likely than not there will be a few teasers and plot hints being given away at the booth.

walking dead season 2

One of the things to look forward to is seeing in person life-sized, hideous zombie bust created by special effects master Grecg Nicotero. The bust will be one a kind and one sale for the modest sum of $500.

Also of note is the fact that Colin Farrel will be starring in two movies showcased at the convention, both of them being remakes. The first will be the serious looking remake of 80s horror comedy “Fright Night” with Farrel as the role of the vampire. The second will be the remake of the 80s Arnold Schwarzenegger classic “The Running Man”, written by Steven King as Richard Bachman.

fright night

Somehow I suspect that both of these remakes will be darker than their originals.

Other movies that will be featured at booths include yet another vampire action movie staring Kate Beckinsale, “Underworld: Awakening” and another man versus monkey film, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” . Though both of these look like they will cater to slightly smaller audiences than the other big films being previewed.

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