Xbox 720 To Feature Avatar Like Graphics

Lost in the buzz of so many new new tablets and smartphones and other great gadgets is the impending release some time next year of the Xbox 720.  Will the console be twice as good as the 360?  If rumors of the level of graphics can be believed then the answer is a resounding yes!

Of course among hard core gamers there has been plenty of excitement about what the Xbox 720 might look like, with some wanting it to have such an alien look that it will be hard to even pinpoint it as an actual gaming console.  Of course those same people love to make the Xbox 360 look as little as the machine most people recognize as possible so it’s not a real shock they want the next gen console to look completely different as well.

What most people can agree on is that while they may not know what the outside should look like, they know that the Xbox 720 should be bringing even better graphics than the current generation of console games allow and rumors coming from reports out of AMD seem to say that indeed graphics on the new console could be quite mind blowing.

AMD is the tech company that supplies the hardware that creates the graphics for the 360 so they are a pretty credible source and according to a recent report they have claimed that the graphics on the new machine will be so clear and so realistic they will rival the look and feel of the James Cameron “Avatar” movie.  Whether you loved or hated that movie (I was squarely in the middle) you would be hard pressed to argue that the visuals weren’t stunning.   Because of this, Microsoft may actually be hitting the kind of home run that would put them in first place of the console game systems for years to come.  Again,while nothing is official there is another report  that says the processors for 720 will be so advanced that every single background character in a game like “Grand Theft Auto” will be able to embued with their own personality.  This means that instead of group think, when you start opening fire, different people in the crowd will react differentl, instead of all just screaming and scattering.

That noise you just heard were gamers all over the world beginning to salivate.