Google Acquires Super-Private Networking Site ‘Fridge’

Part of Google+’s probable success is its emphasis on user privacy and we all know that Google knows far too much about you, me and everyone else.

However, Google+ still gives you the feeling of being able to control what you share online, and how much you share it with people on the Internet. Google however was not the first company to think about flaws in privacy and how much it affects people’s choices in choosing their favourite social networks. Fridge was a little known social network which placed heavy emphasis on user-privacy and was launched last August. It offered users a way to share private photos, statuses and other forms of information with only the closest of friends.

However, Google has now announced that it has acquired Fridge and the team at the start-up would join Google+ team. It makes perfect sense to think that a privacy obsessed start-up would be immediately roped in by Google to assure other users that their new social media endeavour is all about how users would have all the privacy that they ever could wish for. If you weren’t aware, Fridge had a selected community of users who shared status updates, pictures and videos with their closest friends and had absolute control over their information.

Most social networking sites have now begun to play the card of privacy, which is a clever way of telling people that they should stop using Facebook and Twitter, and begin to reassess the amount of information they share. While privacy is as important as our very existence is, Google had very different views about privacy until they decided to launch Google+, which obviously competes with Facebook which has its own limitations when it comes to privacy. Meanwhile, users of Fridge are advised to download and save their data as it would be deleted after Saturday August 20, 2011 at 6pm ET, according to their privacy policy. Meanwhile, Google+ users can use it on iPhones now, thanks to a new G+ App.