6 Alternative Theories About Movies and TV Shows

Don’t believe what your eyes see and what your ears hear. Detective school. Same rules applies for TV shows and movies you thought you knew everything about. Even kiddies shows, well especially kiddies shows, have conspiracy theories and multiple universe ideas and concepts, if you choose to believe.

Will From the Fresh Prince Is Dead

Will never arrives at his uncle and aunt’s house in Bel-Air. His ‘incident’ on a basketball court in West Philadelphia? Killed. The Taxi Driver in the opening sequence is actually god, taking him to heaven, where he spends the rest of eternity under the luxurious Banks’ roof. His mom and dad rare appearances? Visiting his grave.

Jenny Taking Advantage of Forrest Gump

Forrest Junior isn’t Forrest’s actual son – Jenny just heard that Mr. Gump was loaded off his Apple and Bubba Gump ventures. She got a son from someone else, from her wild days, and decided she’ll try and live off Forrest senior as she parishes away in comfort and riches.

Ferris Bueller – Fight Club Theory

There is now Ferris. He’s just a figment of Cameron’s wild imagination. Just like Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) in Fight Club. He’s off having in Chicago, stealing his father’s car and riding around with Sloane, the girl he actually loves, without a third wheel, for which the film is named for.

The Quentin Tarantino Universe Theory

Well, more like two universes. One, the actual universe – Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, and Death Proof on one side while Kill Bill and From Dusk ‘Til Daw are in a movie movie universe, films the characters from the first four films we mentioned can watch in their cinemas. Donny Donowitz is the Bear Jew in Inglorious Bastards, father of movie producer Lee Donowitz in True Romance. The list goes on and on.

Aladdin Set in the Future Theory

Not a middle eastern past, but a post apocalyptic wasteland where only one Arabic culture survived. Magic is actually advanced technology (The flying carpet, etc.). All this is built on the fact that the Genie remarks Aladdin’s clothes are so ‘3rd Century’. Knowing the Genie has been locked up inside the lamp for over 10,000 years, the internet fan-boys assumed that they year is actually 10,300 AD.

Captain Planet and The Magic School-bus Are The Same Show

One was a prequel to the eco-friendly superheroes of tomorrow.