Manage Your with Function and Ease

Social Media may be deemed by some as yet another Internet fad, but those who stand to profit from the (proper) usage of social networks know different. Through venues such as Twitter, companies and individuals can gain sales leads, partnerships, have the opportunity to conduct exemplary customer service, manage the brand and more.

Step in, a great web-based tool to assist in managing your, you guessed it, community. While Twitter has proved itself as a vessel for interacting with potential and current consumers, there has still been a unfilled void for businesses to really get the relevant information to help achieve their business goals with ease. offers up some great features perfect for all businesses to keep track of:

  • Your already engaged niche Twitter community and community members, including:
    • Who’s following whom;
    • Interactions between your account and their’s;
    • A drop-down list of those interactions.
  • View statistics of engagements to/from your account, such as retweets, most retweeted tweet, members that have stopped/started following you and more.
  • Find out who’s talking about you, even if not by name.
  • Discover potential new leads and monitor contact with your niche’s ‘influencers,’ as well as specific keywords and url mentions.
  • Keep track of who’s following and unfollowing your account in an easy to view manner

Building relationships through social media that are strong and beneficial for both sides is the future. Through this unique web program, you will gain insight of your business’ community and be given a simple-to-use functional tool to keep track of it all.

Communication with users/customers and the potentials is essential, but finding the right people to communicate with can make (or break) your company and reputation. is there to help.

The Goodies

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