Two Great Gifts for Geeky Whiskey Lovers

Watering down the whiskey is not only one of the most frequent rookie mistakes, but also a nightmare for long-time whiskey drinkers. In case you want to avoid that, or know a whiskey lover who would, the following two items available in our store make perfect gifts.

Drinking dark spirits is really regarded as a ritual by some people, and it would be a pity to ruin that by watering down the drink. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions out there, from replacing ice cubes with something that’s able to maintain the drink cold for longer periods of time, to perfecting the way ice cubes are made. The following two options that are available in our store, Walyou Deals, not only achieve that effect, but also come at discounted prices, so they should be taken into consideration by all whiskey lovers.

The Whiskey Ball

As its name strongly suggests, this is a mold for making ice spheres that go well with whiskey. While you won’t end up with an icy Death Star in your whiskey glass, the sphere made using any of the two molds available in the package still look very cool.

Let others try to find new ways of making ice cubes clearer while you rock a perfectly rounded hunk of ice to keep your whiskey cool.

Needless to say, the ice sphere produced with these molds can be used with any type of liquor, and not just whiskey, so the choice is really yours.

The silicone rubber that’s used in these molds is FDA-approved & BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about any chemical hazards.

Each resulting ball measures 2.5”, and given the shape, it will take a while before it starts diluting your drink.

Check out the following video to get an idea about how The Whiskey Ball looks and works in real-world scenarios.

To get a 2-pack of whiskey balls, head over to Walyou Deals, where you can find them for $17.95, instead of the $20 they’re typically retailing for.

Whiskey Bullets & Cylinder Set

If you’re looking to ditch ice cubes (or spheres) altogether and are feeling a bit militaristic whenever you’re drinking your liquors, you might want to consider the whiskey bullets and cylinder set made by SipDark.

Made out of stainless steel, these bullets will not alter your drink’s taste at all. All you need to do is place them in the freezer a few hours before using them, and popping them out whenever needed.

The Whiskey Bullets & Cylinder Set is available in our store for $60.98, 12% off the retail price of $70. That might not sound like a huge discount, but it’s still noticeable, especially since you won’t have to pay for shipping.

As in the case of The Whiskey Ball, these whiskey bullets are shipped for free to continental US addresses. All sales are final, and the deliveries are expected to take place between

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